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Welcome to the official website of the Borough of Highspire, Highspire Pennsylvania. We are located in Dauphin County just 6 miles south of Harrisburg. The 2010 Census recorded the Borough's population at 2,399 residents. We invite you to visit our friendly community and enjoy our small town atmosphere.







Highspire Borough is Implementing a Stormwater Fee


Why Is This Being Done?


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has mandated that certain municipalities in Pennsylvania and other states take measures to reduce the pollutants draining into their storm sewer systems. These municipalities have been identified as MS4 Municipalities. MS4 stands for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems.  In short, Highspire does not have an option to undertake these measures.  We must comply with the mandate. 


What’s The Problem?


The Chesapeake Bay has been polluted for over 40 years, and Clean the Bay efforts have fallen short of projected goals. In order to make greater strides to improve water quality, the EPA identified polluted stormwater runoff as a contributing source of pollution in the Bay. The Clean Water Act, a Federal Law, regulates stormwater discharges into surface waters. Since 2003, Highspire Borough has had a (MS4) permit that allows direct stormwater discharges into Burd Run, Buser Run, and the Susquehanna River.


Current MS4 Permit


Highspire Borough has met existing permit requirements by inviting the public to participate in stormwater outreach meetings, mapping its stormwater system, tracking illicit discharges, inspecting outfalls, inlets and pipes, and implementing good housekeeping measures. Funding for these activities has been provided by the Borough’s General Fund. Since these funds can be diverted to pay for other municipal services, if necessary, there may be inadequate funds to administer the stormwater   management program and maintain stormwater infrastructure as required by the permit.


More Regulations


On March 16, 2018, a new permit will become effective that has stricter requirements such as:


· Maintain a detailed map of the stormwater collection system including all outfalls, inlets, pipes, swales, detention basins, and any other stormwater facility. 

· Regularly inspect stormwater management infrastructure and Best Management Practices (BMPs) to make sure they are functioning properly. Ensure that privately-owned stormwater management facilities are being maintained, and are not a source of stormwater pollution.

· Prepare a Pollution Reduction Plan (PRP) that provides details on how to reduce the amount of sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorus that is being discharged. 

· Install projects and implement procedures to reduce pollutant loads. Projects may include replacing broken pipes, street sweeping, stream bank restoration, installing infiltration trenches, rain gardens, bio-retention basins, and planting trees.

· Maintain adequate funding and staffing to implement and manage all provisions of the permit.


How Do We Pay For This?


To comply with EPA mandate and the stricter permit requirements coming in 2018, a dedicated funding source is required to pay the costs of maintaining the stormwater system and reducing stormwater pollution. An initial fee will be assessed against every property in the Borough including homes, businesses, schools and churches beginning this fall. The Borough is still determining how the permanent fee will be calculated and assessed.


What Are The Benefits?


· Dedicated funding source: Stormwater fees have been implemented in eight  Pennsylvania municipalities, and more than ten more are currently working toward establishing fees.

· Improved infrastructure: Ability to replace broken pipes, install new stormwater    facilities, and reduce flooding problems.

· Better water quality:  Install stormwater BMPs to filter stormwater pollutants, and reduce stormwater volumes.


The Highspire Borough is committed to improving local water quality for the benefit of our residents and to meet increasing regulations. If you have any questions or need additional information on this fee, please contact the Borough.




Stormwater Management

For more information and links regarding Stormwater Management please select Borough Departments and then select Public Works.

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